The new Wölfert dolls with vinyl body are fitted with a total of 8 joints. Head, shoulder, thights, knees and hip are jointed and allow lots of new poses, which also can be held by the doll on it's own. For instance, you can either decorate your doll sitting on the floor with straight legs or with legs in seated position on a chair. It is even possible to stand the doll upright without an external support (*)

The new hip joint gives you the possibility to turn and also tilt the upper body of the doll. Together with the joints of her legs, she can also tip her pelvis. So it's possible for you to pose your doll in lots of totally new positions.

(*) Even if our dolls can stand upright without external support, we suggest to use an appropiate doll stand.
Our new jointed dolls invite you to play. You can pose and decorate your dolls in a completely new way, giving you the possibility to create new beautiful and lovely scenes with them.